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Local Artist 

Kerry Hoeppner 


About Kerry 

Kerry Hoeppner 

Art of the Palm


Kerry comes from Ft. Wayne, IN and retired after 45 years as a golf course  superintendent. After retirement Kerry took up art for something to do

 Kerry is self-taught Artist specializing in art made from debris like coconuts and Palm fronds. Kerry began selling art at flea markets and after a few years was discovered by Shady Palm Art Gallery. He has been an artist there since its inception.


Kerry makes art out of debris which most people put in their trash. His favorite being sea Turtles as well as lots of fun fish, mermaids,  pelicans, chickens, flowers and other Florida nature. 


Crafting his creations has become his passion and part-time job and he loves every minute of it.


Kerry Hoeppner 

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