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Join us for Shady Palm Artist Peter Sterling-Tuner  for this  Mermaid Magic Class  December 16th 2pm-4pm  $45.00 Includeds all materials. Dive into the enchanting world of Mermaids in a single class workshop!


Explore Mermaid art styles, learn fish anatomy basics, and discover a harmonious ocean-inspired color palette. Use basic painting techniques and personalize your fish ornament with unique details to create your mermaid masterpiece. Combine Art with the allure of the deep sea. Join one of Shady Palms Artists Peter Sterling Turner for a creative journey in "Mermaid Magic”!


Paint a Wooden Fish Ornament to be a Mermaid on one side or any other way that you would like.This immersive and creative experience will guide participants in transforming a simple fish ornament into a stunning piece that captures the allure of Mermaids and the depths of the ocean.


2 Hours


$45 includes Materials


"Mermaid Magic: Painting a Fish Ornament" with Peter Sterling Turner

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