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Local Artist 

Maggie Fox

Carnival in the Keys (1).jpeg

About Maggie 

Maggie Fox came to love classical music as a child growing up in her native Cuba. A musician uncle introduced the 10-year-old to Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Handel, Tchaikovsky and even opera. A lifelong painter and prolific awardwinning professional artist, Maggie has created highly textured, colorful mixed media paintings for over 30 years. She can create paintings of stunning realism but is able to easily switch to the abstract paintings inspired by classical music for which she is best known. Classical music can always be heard playing in her studio while she paints. Whether representational and inspired by nature or abstract inspired by classical music, Maggie’s artwork is always colorful and full of movement and joy. “When asked, I describe my paintings as a flavorful stew of meaning, purpose and energy with a sprinkle of composition, balance and texture. They are not so much ‘painted’ as they are ‘built’ and one more thing…a painting always tells me when ‘it is done’. I strive to create bold, bright, happy paintings that speak of what I love and the coastal area where I live.” Maggie Fox lives and works in Key Largo, the northernmost island of the Florida Keys, where every day she enjoys endless views of the Atlantic Ocean. She is currently working on a new series of abstract canvases that have as their inspiration various classical music compositions with the ocean as their theme. “I always welcome how much the sea inspires me. I see it from the windows of my home and studio all day every day. I wish to share this vision just how I interpret it, using large canvasses and many shades of blue, aqua and light green hues.” 

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