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Livin In Local Color

About Janice Nagel 

Owner of  Shady Palm Art Gallery & Livin In Local Color Gallery 

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About Janice 

Born at the Jersey Shore Janice spent her life at the beach

watching the beautiful ocean seas, boating, fishing and admiring the beauty of the sunflower fields & green pastures of the Garden State. Enjoying her appreciation of the local color of the ever changing seasons of New Jersey.


As a child her grandmother was the most inspiring person in her life. She was a very creative person teaching her to cook, crafts, gardening and introduced her to many different types creative expressions.

Janice who has never been formally introduced or trained in art took out her grandmother’s paints and felt the need to put some local color on canvas after Hurricane Irma and watched some magic take place.

  Being told by the local artist to continue painting. Her inspiration came alive, she decided she wanted to capture the beauty of nature and local color around her. When she was done, she was in love. She could capture the local color as she saw it in her own eyes.  Something beautiful from her heart to share with others. 

Then "livin' in local color" was a dream come true. 

Shortly after opening her small gallery " Livin In Local Color" in Islamorada, Fl  she received a call that Shady Palm Art Gallery & Frame Shop was for sale.  This is the opportunity she was waiting for. The rest of this story will reveal it's self during your visit to the gallery.

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