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Local Artist 

Antonio Rodriguez


About Antonio

I was born in Cuba and migrated to the U.S. with my parents during the Mariel boat lift in 1980. Arriving in Key West at the age of 12, my parents and I faced many challenges; a new way of life, new customs, new language, few friends and no family in the states. I embraced the changes and assimilated quite well into American society. 

There were many new facets to encounter in my 

adjustment to life in America, however, the great constants were the love of my parents and my art! 


 I am an only child and my parents, especially my Mom sheltered me quite a bit.  Nevertheless l was encouraged and very much supported  by them both,  regarding my innate ability to draw and paint since I was in grade school.

As I began my teenage years and adjusted to my new surroundings,  my drawings and paintings also evolved into more polished and complete works. 

 I experimented with many mediums and settled on mostly acrylics and occasionally watercolors as well.


My subjects include local flora and fauna, marine scenes as well as local architecture etc.  I display my pieces mostly framed in hand crafted lobster trap wood frames which I collect throughout the Florida keys.

Among my creations, are marine life, sport fishing  in hand-crafted portholes made from wood and MDF with brass patina. Others include painted oars and other nautical items that I usually find in my endless search for lobster traps wood.


As far as where I've displayed my work; I began showing my work at Aristos Gallery in 1986 where I sold my first acrylics on canvas,. As time progressed I displayed my work at The Royal Arts Guild Gallery, Red Doors Gallery, Rain Barrel, Artists in Paradise, Key West Art Center and Island Arts and more.   I later joined the Guild Hall Gallery in1996; whìere I still  continue to display and sell my works.  


Additionally in early 2000, I became part of the Cultural Preservation Society at Mallory Square's Sunset Celebration, held every evening at sunset. There I sell my pieces during the four hour event that features artists, magicians, crafters and jugglers and musicians in a unique variety show.

 More recently I joined Shady Palms where I'm proud to say I've had great success and look forward to continuing to display .



Antonio Rodriguez 

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