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Local Artist 

Dennis Shattuck 


About Dennis 

Dennis Shattuck. Born 1953 in North Miami. My father always worked as motel manager on Miami Beach which was my playground for fishing, sindiving, surfing, anything to do with the water. Art was a passion I use to escape to when I was bored at school, using it to fantasize being out there in the water. I will never forget looking out a portable window at school of the road that took you to the Florida keys, my paradise of fascination. At 14, I painted my first mural professionally. It became my after school and weekend job. For 16 years I painted murals as a career which later turned into large canvas art and backdrops for motion picture movies. I worked with many decorators, art galleries, but later opened my own. The best one was at Plantation Fashion Mall for seven years until hurican Andrews hit, where the mall came to an end from roof damage. Four art galleries in Key West worked well for me until the fall of 9/11 when they closed their doors. Kinkade used my work in several of their galleries until the CO passed away. Now in my 70s doing outdoor art shows and still keeping a foot in the keys.

Concrete Wall

Dennis Shattuck 

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