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Local Artist 

Ray Wood 


About Ray 

Ray has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), from Texas A&M University where he studied Graphic Communication and Advertising, as well as a minor in Biology and holds a Masters in business.  
  With the exposure to art history, drawing and painting classes, sculpture and lithographs, Ray found a love for pure art. Artist like Monet’s Impressionism style, Salvador Dali’s Surrealism, Leroy Newman’s palate brush, M.C.Escher’s Expressionism and Georgia O’Keeffe’s American Modernism, inspired his ideas and styles of painting and thinking. The influence of each of these master helped Ray develop his own style of art.
  Ray has been featured as an artist for One Blood donation center, T-shirts, distributed all over Florida, many magazines, and newspapers as well as having his art displayed in gallery’s , gift shops, and on line.
  Ray began his art career painting the Canyons, Rivers and Plains of West Texas, in the Amarillo,Texas area where he grew up. Although watercolor and acrylic are the mediums Ray chooses for most of his art, he began with Sculpture using wood, stone and clay for many of his projects. The beautiful colors of the mesas and cliffs of Palo Duro Canyon quickly became a favorite of Rays. Ray also does pencil drawings, pen and ink, stipple and cross hatch.
  Ray and his wife sailed their 40’ sloop from Galveston, Texas to the Florida Keys.  Ray saw that beautiful turquoise water, amazingly brilliant sunsets while sailing to the Keys and could go no further. Those elements and his wife Stephenie  supporting him inspired him to begin painting all over again. When Ray began painting here in Marathon, he says he tries to capture Gods beautiful colors of the water, the sunsets and the storms where his love of sailing shows in m lol of his art.
  Over the last few years his art has grown and changed, through many styles influenced his art, design and color are what he says is most important to him. Ray says bad technique, poor medium, and bad subject matter can be overcome, however, you MUST have great design and complimentary brilliant color and light to build an interesting and exciting artwork.  Ray is most happy sharing his art with others when he can create something to move their emotions the way it moves him. Ray puts part of himself into each piece of art.
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Thanks for your time
Ray Wood.

Thanks for your time
Ray Wood.Rear Commodore. Marathon Yacht


Ray Wood 

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